About us

Since 1999 FJB (Figuration Julie Breton) prides itself in the casting of extras in many Canadian, American and European productions. Among the most prestigious, produced entirely or partially here in Quebec are: X-Men: Apocalypse-Bryan Singer, Laurence Anyways, Mommy – Xavier Dolan, Arrival– Denis Villeneuve, Stonewall, White House Down, The day after tomorrow – Roland Emrich, On the Road – Walter Sales, I’m not there – Todd Haynes, The Fountain – Darren Aronofsky, Catch me if you can, The Terminal –Steven Spielberg, Aviator – Martin Scorcese, for the complete list of production. 


FJB offers the expertise and necessary resources to insure extras needed, as much in large budget feature films as in smaller scale productions. The precision, creativity and quality of it’s work assures JFB a prominent place within the casting milieu in Québec.