You will receive an e-mail proposing to you one or many days of casting. A prompt response could influence our choice of extras seeing that the delays, in our work frame, are usually very short. Naturally you have no availability obligations towards us.

It is very often difficult for us to know in advance at what time the shooting will begin and finish. Therefore you must be sure to be available for the day and entire evening when you sign the contract.


Costumes :

Depending on the production, you’ll get a call/email from the costume department, either to summon you to a costume fitting or to inform you what kind of clothing to wear or bring along. If a costume fitting is required, you will be paid for two hours at the hourly rate applicable to your first day of shooting.


Call time:

Your calltime time will be issued the evening before your shooting day. You will receive an email notifying you of the time and location you will be needed. Those notifications are done at the end of the day or in the evening, since the production schedules are transmitted only at the end of each day of shooting. There is no point in calling us before hand to ask about your call time unless you anticipate an availability problem on your part. However, if you haven’t received any news by 9 p.m., you may then contact us to get your call time.

It’s very important that you confirm your presence to us as soon as possible when we send you your call time. If you foresee the possibility of a scheduling conflict on your part, please contact us. We normally give call times by email, phone or SMS.

As natural as possible. You will be hired for what you are, useless to transform yourself for the occasion. Simple avoid stripes, big logos, very bright colors.

Yes, we do not ask extras to do volunteer work. For union members of UDA or ACTRA the union rate is applied. 

For extras, working outside the unions with an in house contract, the rates vary depending on the productions (minimum around 12$/hr), these rates are confirmed when the offer of contract is made. 

Usually 3 to 4 weeks depending on the shooting. If after 4 weeks you’ve not received your payment immediately get in touch with us at paiement@fjbcasting.ca  and we will put you in contact with the production as they are your employer and the one paying you.

Not necessarily. More and more productions are giving them out, all depends on the amount paid out to you. Others chose not to. It is your responsibility to declare the income received from a production whether they gave you a T4 form or not.

No, you might possibly be ask to come back ( this happens when the online form has been submitted more than once) but if you have already met with us there is nothing else to add, your dossier is already activated. You can then keep it up to date via our online web page.

The only thing you can do is make sure your profile is up to date. We will then contact you, when your profile fits in with one of our projects, and then offer you options for the shooting. Our offers are mainly via e-mail, so please keep in mind that quick responses are crucial for you to be chosen for the part because, in certain circumstances, we have very little time to find the right people for the shooting.

No, nothing is certain. As well as we have given work to thousand of people during the last 15 years, on hundreds of projects, we never know in advance the needs of our future projects. Your profile might fit and it might not, our offers and requests might not suit your availability. It would be wronging you in promising guaranteed work, the obvious goal is to employ for our shootings as many of our extras as possible. Our main focus is on satisfying the needs of the productions on hand and if your profile fits you will be contacted.

No, that is not possible. Be it those made for your inscription or the ones eventually added to your profile. These are to be used for internal use only. But please feel free to add pictures you find pertinent to your profile via ‘My Profile’ menu.

If you have your username andpassword you can edit your e-mail directly in your profile. If not, write to us at support@figuration.net and we will change it for you. At the same time you will receive the information for connecting into your profile.

It is possible that we have not contacted you for different reasons. For example, we might not have anything to offer you that corresponds to your profile, or you’ve changed your e-mail address without updating your profile. Please note that our job propositions are made via e-mail, emphasizing the need of an updated profile so we can reach you.

You can retrieve your log in information clicking on My profile on the web page. Please note that to retrieve said information, you need the e-mail used when you first created your profile. If you’ve changed your e-mail since your inscription you will have to inform us of it at support@figuration.net, we will then send the necessary information for re-connecting.

We accept applications of all ages, but the inscription of the very young children and babies requires updates ( at least twice a year) for their measurements and picture. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent.

Your e-mail is automatically added to our sent list and when dates are available for your profile we will contact you by e-mail. You can also check the link giving you all possible dates concerning the submission of your inscription form.

You can take out your mail address from our list of extras or eliminate your profile inscription on our web page under appointments.

The receipt we gave you is proof of payment when we opened your profile with us. All depending on your employment and professional status, you may or may not use the receipt for fiscal declarations.

Absolutely not. As long as you wish to be part of of our extras team and that your profile is up to date, your profile will remain active. But should we no longer be able to get in touch with you, via e-mail, your profile will be illuminated. To re-open your profile, you will have to go through the initial process of inscription.

No. The inscriptions surviving to the on going projects, are the ones made available to you on our web page via our online form under inscription. This is followed up by appointments with our team. The timely fieldwork done on a precise project have a time frame, the profiles created for that specific project are partial and therefore impossible to update, rending them eventually obsolete.

No. As a casting agency, we’re hired and paid by the production firms.

Giving us the coordinates of your professional representatives when you register is a priority, and we will always go through your agent when we have a proposition for you. We may sometimes call you directly in emergency situations or if we need to contact you outside of regular working hours (evenings or weekends). This kind of special situation does not, however, free you from your obligations toward your agent; We will inform him or her of your new contract as soon as possible, and suggest you do the same to maintain a good working partnership between all of us. The same principle applies if you get extra days of work directly on the set; you must honor your obligation toward your agent.

Before you sign with any artistic representation agency, carefully read the proposed contract, and make sure you’re aware of your rights by consulting the Union des Artistes or ACTRA. There are rules that are enforced by the unions (UDA, ACTRA) and you have a responsibility to make sure your rights are respected any time you sign a professional agreement.

If you accept to participate in a shoot, you have to be there at the time and at the location that was agreed on. If for some reason you have to cancel your participation, you must contact us as soon as possible so that we may find a replacement. Any last-minute cancellation or no-show on your part without prior notification will make you lose any subsequent days of shooting, if there were any, and more than one cancellation could cost you your membership status with our agency.

Please note that due to the nature of the work we do, we get a ton of phone calls. If you want to let us know of your availability, do it by email at dispo@fjbcasting.ca. We take all of our messages and will take note of your availability for any eventual bookings

You have the responsibility of updating as precisely as you can the information in your file. (see ‘’updates’’) The most vital information that must remain current is of course your coordinates, particularly your phone numbers. Inform us also of any change in your physical appearance (weight, clothing size, hair length or color, etc.). It can also be useful to mention any change in personal vehicles, jobs or union status (if you become a member or apprentice in the Union des Artistes or in ACTRA).

You must first fill in our online application form under inscription. Once submitted, we will send you a confirmation and a link for you to select from for your appointment with us. At that first meeting we will take your picture and measurements. There will be the 15$ ( payable in cash) for activating your profile. You will then receive your information of << log in >> and a numeric receipt confirming the activation of your profile. Please note, that before meeting with us, your profile is in the making but not active.